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Sustainability indexes

Expert assessments of sustainability and good rankings in significant sustainability indexes are important to Fortum because they support the development and continuous improvement of our operations.

In 2013, Fortum achieved its all-time highest scoring in the Carbon Disclosure Project's (CDP) Climate Disclosure Leadership Index: a full 100 points. In the Climate Performance Index Fortum's result was A- in scale A-C. Fortum shared the first place in CDP's Nordic climate index. With its peak scoring, Fortum would have shared a top ranking also in the global index. Because the company's market capitalisation was below the threshold for inclusion among the 500 largest companies worldwide, it was only assessed in the Nordic index.

Fortum was awarded a Prime Status (B-) rating by the German oekom research AG. Fortum is listed in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders indexes, which list global leaders in terms of environmental, social and governance criteria, and in the NASDAQ OMX's and GES Investment Service's OMX GES Sustainability Finland index, which compares the leading

companies listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki and their corporate responsibility.

In December Fortum was listed in ECPI® Indices. ECPI is a rating and index company dedicated to ESG (environment, social, governance) research. 

Fortum is included in the Sustainability Yearbook 2013, published by the SAM Group. The assessment included more than 2000 companies, with the top 15 per cent in each sector earning a spot in the yearbook. 

Fortum achieved its all-time highest scoring in the Climate Disclosure Leadership Index: a full 100 points.

During 2003-2013 Fortum was listed in the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index, but was excluded for 2013-2014. In the 2013 ranking, the industry classification was changed. Fortum's performance scores remained at the level of the previous year, but due to the new industry classification Fortum did not make the index.

Honourable mention for our sustainability report

Fortum's Sustainability Report 2012, received an honourable mention at the Corporate Responsibility Reporting Competition in Finland. Altogether 140 companies participated in the competition. Fortum was given special credit  for a clear and balanced report, the review of the supply chain and its impacts, and also for comprehensive reporting of its tax footprint. The report was also characterised as clearly structured and reader friendly.



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