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Support for society

Fortum supports organisations and communities working for the common good in the countries where we operate. The goal is for collaboration to be mutually beneficial.

In 2013, Fortum's support for activities promoting the common good totalled about EUR 3.2 million (2012: 5.8), of which the share of grants awarded by the Fortum Foundation was about EUR 432,000 (2012: 780,000). Fortum Foundation supports research, education and development in natural and technical sciences as well as economics within the energy area.

Fortum is the main financer of the solar economy professorship established at Lappeenranta University of Technology in 2013.


Fortum's support to society
in 2013 by country, %
Fortum's support to society
in 2013 by target, %

Collaboration with universities and colleges

The goal of the collaboration with universities and colleges is to develop Fortum's business and to promote Fortum's research and development work and its recruiting and training opportunities.

A solar economy professorship focusing on the research and teaching of market mechanisms related to a solar economy began at Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland 2013. Fortum is supporting the start-up of operations with a 75% share for a five-year period. Christian Breyer was nominated as the first solar economy professor.

In Sweden, Fortum is working with various stakeholders, for example the Royal Institute of Technology, to develop solutions for sustainable urban living in the Norra Djurgårdstad new residential area.

Projects include, among others, development of smart grids and analysis of carbon footprint in housing. Fortum also researches with the University of Karlstad how to improve the living conditions for fish migration in river environments. 

In Poland, Fortum has developed a research programme for producing district cooling, which is currently being implemented in collaboration with the Technical Universities of Wroclaw and Czestochowa.

In Russia, Fortum has a collaboration agreement with Ural Federal University for further training of Fortum employees and research collaboration in the energy sector.

In Latvia, Fortum cooperates with Riga Technical University and Latvia University of Agriculture, and in Lithuania, with Klaipeda Technical School by providing internships for students as well as by supporting energy sector-related conferences and seminars.

Fortum's sponsorship projects focus on youth activities, culture and activities to improve liveability at the local level.

Sponsorship supporting youth sporting activities

In 2013, Fortum sponsored junior football and junior volleyball in Finland through the Fortum Tutor programme. The goal of the junior football programme implemented in collaboration with the Football Association of Finland is to ensure each child can have an inspiring and motivating coach. About 100 tutors mentor the junior football coaches and provide them with useful tools for coaching.

A similar programme was launched with the Finnish Volleyball Association in January 2014 to strengthen the coaching of junior volleyball. The Fortum Para School Day tour, implemented in collaboration with the Finnish Paralympics Committee, encouraged children and young people at dozens of schools around Finland to engage in physical activities within their own capacities.


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