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Stakeholder collaboration

Fortum is aware of the impacts its operations have on the surrounding society and communities. Dialogue, feedback and good collaboration are key ways to promote mutual understanding with our stakeholders. Our corporate responsibility includes the continuous mapping of our stakeholders' views and finding a balance between the different expectations of our stakeholders.

Management of stakeholder collaboration at Fortum is divided by stakeholder group among a number of people, particularly the heads of communications, corporate relations and human resources, sustainability, and the managers responsible for electricity and heat sales, as well as several expert areas. Fortum increasingly engages in dialogue with its stakeholders also in the social media in its operating countries.

Stakeholder work is managed mainly based on the stakeholder group or the interaction theme. Annual plans have been drafted for the key interaction areas, like corporate relations, and corporate and customers communications. Fortum has an informal Advisory Council consisting of representatives of Fortum's stakeholder groups as invited by the Board of Directors. The Advisory Council aims to advance Fortum's businesses by facilitating dialogue and exchange of views between Fortum and its stakeholders. During 2013, the Advisory Council consisted of 13 representatives of Fortum's stakeholder groups and three employee representatives. 

Meetings are convened by the company's management, and also other people may participate in them depending on the topics on the agenda.

We report openly about dialogues with our stakeholders and the impacts of our operations. In our annual reporting, we focus on the shareholders, investors, analysts, decision makers and the media. Our activities are affected also by other important stakeholder groups, such as employees, customers, goods suppliers and service providers, and non-governmental organisations.

Information through surveys

We work with third parties to conduct several annual surveys regarding stakeholder group collaboration. The aim of these stakeholder group surveys is to help Fortum to assess the expectations the important stakeholder groups have for the company and to respond to them.

The surveys also provide information about growing sustainability trends and risks to the company's operations. We regularly monitor and assess the public discussion in our operating countries.

Stakeholder views are mapped and the success of stakeholder collaboration is measured systematically through various surveys and feedback questionnaires. The main surveys and questionnaires conducted regularly are presented in the following table.

The survey results are used in business planning and development. The feedback received from customers guide the development of products and services. Additionally, our activities in national and international organisations help to deepen our understanding of global sustainability issues and their connections to our business.

Survey/questionnaire Target groups Target countries Frequency
One Fortum Customers Finland, Sweden, Norway, Annually
Public administration Poland, Baltic countries,
Capital markets Russia
EPSI customer Electricity sales Finland, Sweden, Norway Annually
satisfaction customers
PR-barometer Media Finland, Sweden, Poland, Annually
Baltic countries, Russia
Media tracking Media All operating countries Daily
Student surveys Students Finland Employer surveys by T-Media and
Sweden Universum and Uratie survey by
Talentum in Finland in 2013.
Employer surveys by Universum in Sweden.

Social media

Fortum actively participates in social media. Our social media presence is primarily country-specific, and there are some differences between our operating countries in the use of the services. Facebook and Twitter are our main social media channels. Additionally, we use other social media services, like LinkedIn, YouTube and blogs. We use Facebook to engage in a dialogue with our customers and the general public about Fortum and topical issues related to the energy sector. We have also used it to communicate with our customers in power and district heat outages. We use Twitter as a communication channel and for engaging in a dialogue with our customers, the general public, the media, organisations and opinion leaders, and other companies. The topics of discussion on Twitter include our current activities and new issues of interest in the energy sector. We have also used Twitter in customer communications about power and heat outages.


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