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Thermal energy

Fortum produces electricity and heat from a versatile mix of fuels in thermal energy production. Most of our thermal energy production consists of combined heat and power production (CHP) units; in addition, we have condensing power production and heat-only boilers (HOB). In 2013, our thermal energy production was 27.0 TWh of electricity and 39.7 TWh heat.

We have 28 CHP production facilities in Finland, Sweden, Russia, Poland, the Baltic countries and in Great Britain. In 2013, CHP plants accounted for 33% (2012: 32%) of our total power production and 83% (2012: 79%) of our total heat production.

Fortum has condensing power plants in Finland and in Russia. Fortum has two coal-fuelled condensing power plants in Finland: Inkoo and Meri-Pori. The new gas-fuelled Nyagan power plants in Russia are condensing plants. In 2013, condensing power production accounted for 6.7% of our total power production.

Heat-only boilers serve as reserve units or peak-load boilers during the coldest time of the year. Fortum has heat-only boilers in almost all its operating countries. In 2013, heat-only boilers accounted for 17% of our total heat production.


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