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Hydropower is Fortum's most significant renewable electricity production form. About one third of Fortum's annual electricity production is hydropower; the share fluctuates yearly based on the hydrological situation. In 2013, our hydropower production was 18.0 TWh, i.e. 26% of the company's electricity production.


Fortum's hydropower production capacity in the Nordic countries is about 4,600 MW. At year-end 2013, we owned or co-owned 159 hydropower plants in Sweden and Finland. Fortum has production control of 139 of them. The power plants with the largest capacity are located on the Dalälven, Indalsälven and Ljusnan rivers in central Sweden and on the Oulujoki, Kemijoki and Vuoksi rivers in Finland.

Hydropower refurbishments

Refurbishments and power upgrades increase the efficiency and production of our hydropower plants without additional environmental load. Modernisation of machinery and equipment improves efficiency, occupational safety and operational reliability. The risk and extent of oil spills and fires is reduced through refurbishments.

Hydropower refurbishments increase the efficiency and safety of power plants and reduce environmental risks.

During 2013, refurbishment was completed at the Pyhäkoski power plant in Finland and the Edsforsen and Hansjö power plants in Sweden. In Sweden, refurbishment continued at Gammelänge power plant and new projects started at the Noppikoski, Väsa and Skedvi power plants. The refurbishments completed during 2013, produced 12 MW of additional capacity, which equals approximately 24 GWh annual power generation.


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