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Ilona Ervasti-Vaintola

  • Born 1951, LL.M., Trained on the bench
  • Member of Fortum's Board of Directors since 2008, independent since 1 November 2011
  • Member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee


Main occupation:

  • Non-executive Director

Primary work experience:

  • Sampo plc, Group Chief Counsel, Member of the Group Executive Committee
  • Mandatum Bank plc, Chief Counsel and member of the Board
  • Mandatum & Co Ltd, Director, Partner
  • Union Bank of Finland Ltd, Head of Financial Law Department, Legal counsel

Key positions of trust:

  • Securities Market Association, Deputy Chairman of the Board
  • Finnish Literature Society 2005-2011, Fiskars Corporation 2004-2010, OMX Nordic Exchanges Group Ltd 2003-2008 and Stockholmsbörsen AB 2003-2007: Member of the Board
  • Legal Committee of the Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland, Member 2002-2005 and Chairman 2005-2010

Fortum shares as of 31 December 2013: 4,000
(31 December 2012: 4,000)



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