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Efficiency programme 2013-2014

Fortum started an efficiency programme in 2012 in order to maintain and strengthen its strategic flexibility and competitiveness and to enable the company to reach its financial targets in the future. 

The aim is to improve the company’s cash flow by more than approximately EUR 1 billion during 2013–2014 by reducing capital expenditures (capex) by EUR 250–350 million, divesting approximately EUR 500 million of non-core assets,

reducing fixed costs and focusing on working capital efficiency.

Capex in 2014 is expected to be EUR 0.9–1.1 billion excluding Värme. At the end of 2014, the cost run-rate is targeted to be approximately EUR 150 million lower compared to 2012, including growth projects. 

If headcount reductions are needed, Fortum seeks to limit redundancies whenever possible. The assessments will therefore be done at a unit level.

At the end of December 2013, Fortum had divested approximately EUR 300 million in non-core assets since the start of the efficiency programme. The company has been able to decrease its cost run-rate by approximately half of the targeted EUR 150 million and working capital efficiency has been improved.


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