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38 Contingent liabilities

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A contingent liability is disclosed when there is a possible obligation that arises from events and whose existence is only confirmed by one or more doubtful future events or when there is an obligation that is not recognised as a liability or provision because it is not probable that an outflow of resources will be required or the amount of the obligation cannot be reliably estimated.
EUR million 2013 2012
On own behalf
Other contingent liabilities 78 67
On behalf of associated companies and joint ventures
Guarantees 472 487
Other contingent liabilities 125 125
On behalf of others
Guarantees 3 0
38.1 Guarantees on own behalf
Other contingent liabilities on own behalf contain various contingent liabilities for group companies, EUR 78 million in 2013 (2012: 67).
38.2 Guarantees on behalf of associated companies
Guarantees and other contingent liabilities on behalf of associated companies and joint ventures mainly consist of guarantees relating to Fortum's associated nuclear companies Teollisuuden Voima Oyj (TVO), Forsmarks Kraftgrupp AB (FKA) and OKG AB (OKG). The guarantees are given in proportion to Fortum's respective ownership in each of these companies.
According to law, nuclear companies operating in Finland and Sweden shall give securities to the Finnish State Nuclear Waste Management Fund and the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund respectively, to guarantee that sufficient funds exist to cover future expenses of decommissioning of the power plant and disposal of spent fuel. In Finland, Fortum has given a guarantee on behalf of TVO to the Finnish State Nuclear Waste Management Fund to cover Fortum's part of TVO's uncovered part of the legal liability and for unexpected events. The amount of guarantees is updated every year in June based on the legal liability decided in December the previous year. Due to the yearly update, the amount of guarantees given were EUR 40 million (2012: 39).
In Sweden, Fortum has given guarantees on behalf of FKA and OKG to the Swedish Nuclear Waste Fund to cover Fortum's part of FKA's and OKG's liability. The guarantees for 2012-2014 were decided in December 2011 by the Swedish government and they became effective from September 2012. The total amount of guarantees for FKA and OKG amount to SEK 3,696 million (EUR 417 million) at year-end 2013 (2012: EUR 431 million).
Meri-Pori power plant in Finland is owned by Fortum 54.55% and TVO 45.45%. Based on the participation agreement Fortum has to give a guarantee to TVO against possible loss of asset or breach in contract of TVO's share of the asset, EUR 125 million (2012: 125).
Fortum's 100% owned subsidiary Fortum Heat and Gas Oy has a collective contingent liability with Neste Oil Oyj of the in 2004 demerged Fortum Oil and Gas Oy's liabilities based on the Finnish Companies Act's (734/1978) Chapter 14a Paragraph 6.

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