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11 Materials and services

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EUR million 2013 2012
Materials 1,667 1,651
Materials purchased from associated companies and joint ventures 654 679
Transmission costs 194 192
External services 18 26
Total 2,533 2,548
Materials contain mainly coal, gas and nuclear fuels used for producing power and heat.
Materials purchased from associated companies consist of nuclear and hydropower purchased at production cost (including interest costs and production taxes), purchased fuels used in CHP production and purchased steam.
Total materials and services include production taxes and duties EUR 188 million (2012: 193), of which nuclear related capacity and property taxes EUR 92 million (2012: 88) and hydro power related property taxes EUR 14 million (2012: 13). Taxes related to nuclear and hydro production include taxes paid through purchases from associated companies as mentioned above.
See Note 20 Participations in associated companies and joint ventures.

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