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10 Other income and other expenses

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Other income
Revenue from activities outside normal operations is reported in other income. This includes recurring items such as rental income.
Emission allowances
The Group accounts for emission allowances based on currently valid IFRS standards where purchased emission allowances are accounted for as intangible assets at cost, whereas emission allowances received free of charge are accounted for at nominal value. A provision is recognised to cover the obligation to return emission allowances. To the extent that Group already holds allowances to meet the obligation the provision is measured at the carrying amount of those allowances. Any shortfall of allowances held over the obligation is valued at the current market value of allowances. The cost of the provision is recognised in the income statement within materials and services. Gains/losses from sales of emission rights are reported in other income.
Research and development costs
Research and development costs are recognised as expense as incurred and included in other expenses in the income statement. If development costs will generate future income, they are capitalised as intangible assets and depreciated over the period of the income streams.
10.1 Other income
EUR million 2013 2012
Gain on sale of emission rights - 43
Rental income 14 16
Insurance compensation 3 6
Other items 77 44
Total 94 109
Revenue from activities outside normal operations is reported in other income. This includes recurring items such as rental income and non-recurring items such as insurance compensation.
In 2013 Fortum received EUR 40 million in compensation for CSA penalties from E4, the general contractor of the Nyagan power plant, which is included in other items in the table above.
No gain booked for sale of emission rights in 2013 (2012: 43). Costs for made emissions which are not covered by emission rights received for free were EUR 9 million (2012: 17). The costs are included in Materials and services.
10.2 Other expenses
EUR million 2013 2012
Operation and maintenance costs 219 280
Property taxes 171 125
IT and telecommunication costs 69 72
Other items 282 284
Total 741 761
The major components recorded in other expenses are the external operation and maintenance costs of power and heat plants and of transmission lines. Property taxes include property taxes relating to directly owned hydropower production EUR 138 million (2012: 72).
Principal auditors fees
EUR million 2013 2012
Audit fees 1.4 1.6
Audit related assignments 0.2 0.1
Tax assignments 0.0 0.1
Other assignments 0.0 0.0
Total 1.6 1.8
Deloitte is the appointed auditor until the next Annual General Meeting, to be held in 2014. Audit fees include fees for the audit of the consolidated financial statements, review of the interim reports as well as the fees for the audit of Fortum Oyj and its subsidiaries. Audit related assignments include fees for assurance and associated services related the audit. Tax assignments include fees for tax advice services.


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